Thursday, January 9, 2014

extreme coffeeneuring documentation fianlly finished!

Six months after the I threw in the towel, meaning six months after I decided that visiting 110 distinct coffee shops by bike over the course of 94 weekends was enough, I finally consolidated all the photo documentation into one place. During the last half of that coffeeneuring project, I had grown increasingly fond of Instagram, and used the hashtag #pdxcoffeeneur to identify my exploits through that medium.

In the meantime, Flickr languished in inattention. That is generally where I most thoroughly account for things photographically. (Too thoroughly, some might say). But with all those miles on the bike, and all that tango, plus my full time day gig, (plus an unattended-to 2/3 acre at home), I fell about a year behind on Flickr uploads.

But then I got grounded! My hernia recurred. The meniscus in my knee got too painful to ride and dance. The upside, though, was that I got to re-familiarize myself with Flickr. So through most of November, December, and some of January, I finally consolidated all those pictures of latte art (with bike parts in the background) into one photo set.

By the way, there's a caption associated with each coffee shop that indicates miles ridden that day. Many captions have links to their respective coffeehouses. After all, this was real coffeeneuring! And if you're interested in the list of all 110 coffee stops, it's in a blog post from last July.

Also, I've created a new set on Flickr, called Brewed Beverages by Bike. It includes a few coffee-by-bike pictures that technically aren't coffeeneuring (meaning they happened on a weekday, or were a repeat coffee shop). Some of these pictures date back to early 2009, long before the term "coffeeneuring" existed!

So, I hope you enjoy all this coffeeneuring-related tomfoolery!