Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2009 in review

7500 cycling miles ... an ambitious photography project ... the completion of 10 years of the Sunday Afternoon Tango Practica ... and a lot of coffee

It was déjà vu all over again. Last day of the year, and I’m thirty some-odd miles shy of my annual (rather arbitrary) cycling mileage goal. And just like the previous year, it was wet when I left work, and soon to be dark.

The 2009 goal was a modest 7 percent more than 2008. And if I hadn’t been within 40-50 miles of 7500 on December 31st, I would have most likely abandoned it. But as it was, I decided to ride Eastward (from work in Beaverton) to the Riverview Cemetery, and then along the Springwater Corridor as far as necessary to reach 33 miles by the time I would get home. As far as necessary turned out to be downtown Gresham. A tour of the ‘burbs, so to speak.

After getting home and soaking in the tub, I biked an additional mile or so to the New Years Eve tango party at the PPAA on SE Alder. That made it 7504 miles for the year.

Another goal I had in 2009 was photographic, a picture-a-day project, a visual journal of sorts. This project was harder than it sounds. I tried to start one in mid ’08, but abandoned after three or so months. It sucks a lot of time out of one’s schedule, which makes me very happy it’s done! It’s also something I have no intention of repeating.

Because of all the pictures and all the miles (in addition to my job), I cut back on Argentine tango quite a bit. Nonetheless, I still hosted my Sunday Afternoon Tango Practica almost every week (which is now 10 years old!), and managed to take a private lesson from both Luciana Valle and Jorge Torres.

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Oh, and one last thing. My friend Amy and I have been researching Spanish coffee in Portland, and now have enough information and photographic raw material to start a blog. Maybe we’ll finally put it up in 2010.

2010 should be busy. I’ll be putting more emphasis on working out … and less on Flickr! I’ve hired a coach to help increase my speed, which will involve going to the gym twice a week, as well as participating in various training rides and such.

Once again, here are some annual cycling stats (for 2009):

~ Total logged miles (including commutes): 7,504
~ Rides of 100 miles or longer: 17
~ Longest ride: SIR 600k (376 miles)

~ 2009 RUSA total: 3,907 km (2,427 miles)
~ Super Randonneur award (2nd consecutive)
~ R-12 award (2nd consecutive)
~ One DNF: 228-mile fleche attempt in April

Cumulative odometers:
~ Mountain Cycle Stumptown: 15,543 miles
~ Lemond Buenos Aires: 5,424 miles
~ Ideor Asso (fixie): 4,727 miles

One organized ride:
~ VineRide Century

OBRA participation (Oregon Bicycle Racing Assn.)
Road races: 1
~ Sublimity
Time trial: 1
~ Jack Frost TT (Vancouver, WA)
Track races (Alpenrose Velodrome): 17
~ Fast Twitch Fridays: 5
~ Masters/Juniors (Wednesdays): 11
~ Other: 1
Cyclocross: 9
~ Cross Crusade : 3
~ Blind Date at the Dairy (Alpenrose): 4
~ OBRA Cross Championships (Salem): 2

Happy New Year, everyone!

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